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We all love our pets even when they are doing things we wish they wouldn’t but wouldn’t it be nice if we could make them that little angel (well as good as) all the time?

Many of the behaviours we class as naughty or problematic are only seen that way by us humans and actually for the animal it is either a perfectly natural behaviour that doesn’t work well for us in our human world or  just their way of coping with the life they are living. 

It is sometimes hard to see things from our pets eyes and where the line between a naughty pet and a pet not coping is blurred. It is also hard to know how we can redirect natural behaviour into something more suitable for us.

This is where The Pet Happiness Centre can help you and your pet, we know what it takes to keep our pets happy and how to meet their needs through years of experience and a dose of training. Let us do the hard work, give you the tools you need to create that happy pet and give you more time to relax.

A Lifestyle Evaluation will have a look at what a typical day in your pets life looks like and see if some small changes here or there could make big changes in their behaviour; giving you and your best the best life together.

We take the hard work out of guessing, through our years of experience, training and knowledge on pets it is likely we will be able to quickly identify areas you can change to make an impact.

Want to have a little angel with the help of The Pet Happiness Centre?

Our technique

As a trained behaviour advisor with the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology we use the EMRA technique to identify and come up with solutions to help your pet.

EMRA stands for Emotional, Mood State and Reinforcement Assessment which:

Analyses how your pet feels on a day to day basis – are they fully content with life?

Considers their breed specific needs, whether these needs are being met and if not whether we can improve the pet’s mood by including anything that may be missing.

Determines how your pet feels when a situation arises that may make him feel uncomfortable.

Provides an understanding of why your pet is continuing to perform a particular behaviour.


dog lifestyle review evaluation

“Words can’t express how amazing Patricia and David are. They treat our little furry family like they are their own.

Patricia is amazingly responsive and helps to advise on what is best for our little puppy Elvis in particular.

There’s no one else I would trust to look after them. Thank you so much!”

P. Nicholson

How it works


Simply get in touch, we will have a casual chat about the reasons for the service and if necessary get a vet appointment booked to rule out medical reasons.


Once medical reasons are ruled out or if it is a case where medical reasons would not be an issue, I will book the session and once paid I will send you an information gathering form which may be followed up with further information requests to make sure I have a full picture of what is going on and their current routine.


Once received I will evaluate all the information given and create a report with an action plan for you to keep and use.

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Harold Hill Harold Wood Gidea Park Hornchurch Romford Collier Row Rush Green Noak Hill healthy dog lifestyle evaulation
pet happiness centre lifestyle evalution


Is this a behavioural modification programme?

No, I am a behaviour and training advisor and can offer advice on basic problems that may be occurring and how to deal with them. Lifestyle evaluation offers advice in these areas.

If I feel the behaviours are outside of my remit or if such behaviours are of any immediate danger to you or others I will advise you to seek out a vet, behaviourist or behaviour consultant.

Do you have to come to my home or do I have to come to your establishment?

No, these are online consults that will combine a mixture of questions and if necessary video footage.

Does my animal need to be seen by a vet first?

No but in some cases we may recommend it before proceeding as behavioural problems or changes can be linked to ill health and it is important to rule this out.

Changing lifestyle may be of no use if you have a poorly pet!

How long will it take for me to receive my lifestyle evaluation?

There is no one answer to this as each session is different but I aim to get your report to you within 10 working days.

Is after support included?

Yes, additional online support relating to the report will be on offer for 1 week from receiving your report. If it is regarding different issues not raised in the report a new booking will have to be made.

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