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K9 Day Adventures – the alternative to Daycare

We all wish we could be there for our pets throughout the day but for most of us we have to ‘adult’ and do the daily grind of work and sometimes treat ourselves to days out without the pets.

We all have felt that guilt of leaving them for long periods and even worse when we come home and have zero energy for them when all they want to do is burn off the energy they have been storing for your return.

This is where The Pet Happiness Centre can help, let us take that guilt out of the day and give you more time to spend relaxing with your pets. Our K9 Day Adventures is just what your dog needs.

They will spend around 4 hours of late morning to late afternoon out and about in the beautiful country parks having a mixture of walks and physical activity, brain games and mental stimulation plus rest and down time that will leave even the most busy K9 feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

doggy daycare Harold Hill Harold Wood Gidea Park Hornchurch Romford Collier Row Rush Green Noak Hill

How it works


Simply get in touch, we will have a casual chat about what your needs are and if this service is right for you and your dog.


We can then arrange a FREE meet and greet which will enable us to all meet and get to know each other a little better.


If on the meet and greet you are happy to proceed I will take a set of keys for access if you will not be there during service and get you to complete a booking form which will include terms and conditions and information that will help us provide the best care.

Plus our insurance company is a stickler for paperwork.  


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Lively Molly the Jack Russell has had the chance to experience this service a few times and thoroughly enjoys it.

She loves the variety the day brings with running through the long grass, playing “find it” to then relaxing in the shade with a treat and water.

Even Mum has noticed how happy she is and says “the service we provide goes far beyond what is expected”

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Shnoodles Max and Chewy enjoyed a great day out while mum enjoyed her baby shower.

Once home mum said “they are completely wiped out” and spent the evening/night sleeping and resting.

How pawsome is that for a dog and owner!


Frank absolutely loves his walks and I couldn’t be happier knowing that he’s well looked after and more importantly she cares for him, which is what I hoped for when I’m at work and can’t be with him.

I’d be lost without her!”

Sam & Frank


Does my dog need to be a certain age?

Yes, for small breed dogs they will need to be at least 9 months and for large breeds at least 18 months this is due to the length of walking that they will do which will not be suitable for growing puppies.

My dog has health problems, will this service still be suitable?

It really does depend on what the condition is and how severe, as we are not in a position to give medical advice we would recommend you seek veterinary advice should your dog have any medical conditions that may be aggravated by long walks BEFORE signing up to this service.

Do you clean the dogs before bringing them home?

If muddy, we will towel them off but unfortunately it is likely a towelling will still leave pooches wet and muddy…particularly in the winter so it is advisable that if you will not be home when they are brought back, you make arrangements with us for a suitable place to leave them which will not cause problems.

My dogs are not dog friendly, is this problem?

Unfortunately, this service is only suitable for dogs who are sociable with other dogs as they will encounter others throughout the day.

What do I need to provide?

They will need to have a suitable and well fitted harness or collar (note we do not walk dogs on or with any aversive equipment).

You will need to make sure your dog is microchipped and has a name tag with contact details on (this is a legal requirement). To note, all dogs will also wear a tag with our contact details on during their time with us.

Everything else we have covered!

How long are they out for?

We aim for 4-5 hours with lots of variety and chill time as well as adventures.

What do you do in extreme weather conditions?

Here at the Pet Happiness Centre we don’t like to let our clients down, nor are we shy of a little rain and wind however, we do want to always put your pets (and our) safety first.

It would be very rare and exceptional we would have to cancel as we have plans for most types of weather but should we deem it not safe then we will either have to cancel or switch to a home visit instead.

How many dogs will my dog be with?

We walk no more than 6 dogs between 2 walkers but mostly 4.

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doggy daycare essex Harold Hill Harold Wood Gidea Park Hornchurch Romford Collier Row Rush Green Noak Hill

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Price per session is £39…. ready to book?

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