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Get them physically and mentally exercised

There are many reasons why you may be looking to employ a dog walker, it could be to break up their day while you work or play, alternatively you may not be in a position to get your dog out yourself or you may simply just want some extra enrichment in your dog’s life so they can socialise with other dogs. Whatever your reasons, The Pet Happiness Centre is here to help.

We are an award winning service with Three Best Rated dog walkers in Havering that puts your dogs welfare first.

Not only are we highly experienced and fully insured, we are trained in animal behaviour with the well regarded Centre of Applied Pet Ethology to ensure we know and understand canine behaviour.

We apply this knowledge throughout interactions to ensure we always have happy dogs and reduce risks.

We always believe in quality over quantity and therefore our walks are always in small groups if not solo, always under control and interactive. Your dog(s) will get not only a walk & play with suitable friends but lots of interaction with the walker which includes some obedience work and fun training tasks which helps keep your dog(s) focused and safe. 

Plus as they are small groups no dogs are in the car for too long while travelling to collect and drop off other members in the group.

On the subject of safety, it doesn’t just start or end with the walk, dogs will travel safely and restrained in our fitted Travall dog guard compartments or within a crash tested car harness and dogs from different households will travel in their own space for optimum safety and to comply with insurance requirements.

Want to give your dog safe and fun exercise and socialisation but can’t be there…let The Pet Happiness Centre help you, get in touch today.

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“Tricia has been visiting and taking our dogs out for a year and a half now and we could not be happier.

We never have any worries about the safety of our dogs, even from puppy age as Tricia has excellent knowledge of their needs. The dogs love going out with Tricia and are always so excited to see her!

The service is 100% professional, reliable and flexible and the COVID-19 changes have been managed smoothly. I highly recommend the services.

Carine & The Gang


How many dogs do you walk at once?

Our own viewpoint on safe numbers is that we will walk no more than 3 dogs per walker/6 in a group.

We feel this is a nice number to enable us to give individual focus and attention no matter what the environment may throw at us while allowing dogs to have some social interaction with their friends.

However, that said our usual and ideal numbers are 2 per walker/4 in a group.

My dog is rather exuberant, can he/she still be walked in a group?

Maybe, it really does depend on the full nature, obedience and personality of the dog along with whether we have the right group to place them in.

If not, it is not a problem, we can start solo and build up with time to try and integrate them into a group.

My dog is not good with other dogs, are you able to walk solo?

Absolutely, we know lots of lovely places to go away from lots of dogs which will give your dog a nice relaxing walk. 

I have a reactive dog, are you comfortable and capable of taking such dogs on?

For the most yes, we have lots of experience in dealing with reactive dogs from just snappy to more extreme.

However, it is hard to say yes without meeting and doing a trial walk so these would be the steps we take before committing to anything.

I have a puppy, can they go out on walks?

Yes but it is very much dependent on age, breed and personality (e.g. calm or exuberant), let me explain further. Puppies should only have small and carefully selected physical exercise while their bones and bodies are still growing and developing.

The rule of thumb for daily, physical exercise is 5 mins for every month, therefore a 6 month old pup should receive around 25 mins a day and for larger breeds limited exercise is extended for longer. 

We will therefore assess each dog on an individual basis and will be able to come up with a suitable and safe plan for you. 

So although we can take them out on their own for a little walk it will not be with groups and will be limited until they are at least 6 months at which time we start to get them out with suitable friends if practical for some short walking and some brain games.

Do you have any qualifications?

Absolutely, we are qualified in Animal Management with the UoE which has given us the knowledge on safe handling of multiple animals together in addition to being qualified in animal behaviour and training with COAPE to give us the skills needed to talk dog so we know exactly what they are communicating to us and each other.

Additionally we are undergoing puppy development training with Canine Principles to give us a better understanding and knowledge on the most important stages of a dog’s life.

Do you follow and code of conduct as part of a professional organisation?

We certainly do, we are proud to be full members of the Professional Dog Walkers Association (PDWA) and follow their code of conduct which can be found here

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