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Fitness Plans as Individual as Your Dog

Welcome to your very own doggy personal trainer, from the pooch who has lots of energy to the pooch who has lots of pounds and everything in between; running is a great way to add enrichment to your dogs life as well as lots of health benefits.

So does your dog have endless energy or need to lose a few pounds? 

If the answer is yes, then your dog could do with their own personal trainer with our K9 Vitality Plus service.

I am a well trained athlete and after starting out a completely new runner back in 2019 and going on to complete numerous 10ks and a couple of half marathons I know what it takes to get levels of fitness up in a gradual and safe way.

Getting your dogs out and about on a run is not only good for their physical health but fantastic for their mental well being. Studies have shown running may help with the following:

Destruction, Hyperactivity, Reactivity, Stress and Anxiety

As long as your dog has no underlying health conditions that could be made worse by such activities then this could be just the thing your dog has been looking for.

We will talk through your dog’s current activity and fitness levels and create a plan that will get your dog moving more slowly building on current levels.

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“Patricia was the only person I trusted with my girls, we have since moved away but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

She is an incredibly kind and genuine person who truly cares about both the physical and mental health of dogs.

My youngest dog Deni has anxiety and over-excitement issues but she loves Patricia because she understands her and sees beyond the barking!

Deni loved to go jogging and running with Patricia, this really helped her burn off her excess energy and allowed her to be calmer and more focused.

You can see that the dogs enjoy being able to exercise at a pace that is nearer their natural speed and Patricia is very careful and is constantly monitoring their wellbeing.

I truly miss Patricia and the services she offers.”

Philippa, Deni and Chula


My dog has never run before, could they still use this service?

Absolutely, of course he/she will not go out on their first day and run a marathon but we will create a plan to suit their current levels and build on that as their fitness increases.

Can they have this service off lead?

Unfortunately not, this is simply because we like to keep an eye on dogs and have them close by for safety and keep to the fitness plan which will be difficult if they are off doing their own thing. Our K9 Vitality Dog Walking will be a much better option.

My dog is not good at walking on a lead, is this a problem?

Maybe, it really depends on what is bad. If they are strong pullers throughout an entire walk this could pose a risk to the runner and dog and therefore this service will not be right for you.

My dog has health conditions, does this mean they can’t use this service?

Not necessarily but it will depend on the health condition, I would strongly advise and may even insist you to seek veterinary advice in these cases before signing up to such services.

Does my dog get a chance to have a little sniff and a chance for toilet break?

Of course, all workouts start with a 5-10 min warm up which will give your dog a chance to go to the toilet and have a little sniff followed by the same at the end with a cool down.

Additionally there are small walking breaks in between sets. Obviously should your dog need to toilet during the run this will be allowed.

Will you have other dogs with you?

No, as this service is an individual fitness plan tailored to your dog it will only be your dog.

What do you do in extreme weather conditions e.g. hot weather, icy conditions?

As much as we do not like to cancel or let people down, your pets health and safety as well as our own is top priority. If we feel conditions would not be safe to carry out service we will cancel or offer an alternative service where possible.

How long are the dogs out for?

Sessions are 1 hour, excluding travel time.

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